The Dangers of Idolatry

Honoring an idol (icon, statue) might be likened to praying to a two-dimensional shadow in the hopes of gaining knowledge of (or blessings from) the multi-dimensional universe, which could be futile or misleading in a spiritual sense.  So perhaps it’s a way to take prayer in the wrong direction, as shadows/idols are not alive.  You might say there is a danger of investing living focus/energy in a dead idol/object, especially where your living focus/energy is a gift from your creator, given for the purpose of advancing life rather than death.  Do the dead know more than the living? Do we have the power to bring the dead to life?

Idolatry appears to lead some people to reject living things that contradict or compete with their idol.  Organized religion seems to rely on idols to subjugate people to ritualistic thinking and behavior.  In most cases, religious ritualism leads to oppression and conflict rather than freedom and peace.

Praying to an idol appears to be like focusing the mind on a mere effect/image rather than a living cause/force.  I’ve observed that in society when people focus on effects rather than root causes, it generally leads to useless disagreements (i.e., voting Republican or Democrat, even though both actually promote the murderous military-industrial complex), hypocritical finger pointing, and false ideologies.

An idol cannot love you back. By contrast, there are countless people on the planet who need attention and caring.

If by happenstance, an idol came to life and starting talking and moving, you’d probably be very scared, and you’d wonder whether it was possessed by a demon.  And in such a case, you’d probably stop praying to idols and start praying to your heavenly father for protection and guidance.  So, why not skip that bizarre process and go directly to the source now?  

Bible Reading

Ezek. 16:8-19 “And I pass you by and see you; behold, your time is a time of loves: and I spread my wing over you and cover your nakedness: yes, I oath to you and enter a covenant with you an oracle of Adonay Yah Veh and you become mine: and I baptize you with water; yes, I throughly wash away your blood from you and I anoint you with oil: and I enrobe you with embroidery and shod you with skin of badgers; and I bind you with white linen and I cover you with silk: and I adorn you with ornaments and I give clasps on your hands and a chain on your throat: and I give a nosering on your nostrils and earrings in your ears and a crown of adornment on your head: and adorn you with gold and silver; and your robe is of white linen and silk and embroidery: you eat flour and honey and oil: and you are mightily beautified and you prosper into a sovereigndom: and because of your beauty your name goes forth among the goyim: for it is perfect through my majesty which I set on you an oracle of Adonay Yah Veh. And you confide in your own beauty and whore because of your name; and pour your whoredoms on every one who passes by to him. And from your clothes, you take of the patches, and work your bamahs and whore thereon: such as neither has come, nor becomes. And you take your instruments of adornment of my gold and of my silver, which I give you, and work images of males to yourself and whore with them; and take your clothes of embroidery and cover them: and you give my oil and my incense at their face: and the meat I give you flour and oil and honey to eat, you even give at their face for a scent of rest: and so be it, an oracle of Adonay Yah Veh.”

Ezek. 35-42, “So, O whore, hear the word of Yah Veh! Thus says Adonay Yah Veh: Because your copper is poured, and your nakedness exposed through your whoredoms with your lovers and with all the idols of your abhorrences, and by the blood of your sons, which you give them; behold, so I gather all your lovers whom you pleased and all whom you loved with all whom you hated and I gather them all around against you and expose your nakedness to them so that they see all your nakedness. And I judge you with judgments as adulteresses who pour blood; and I give you blood and fury and jealousy: and I give you into their hand: and they throw down your arch and pull down your ramahs: and they strip you of your clothes and take your instruments of adornment; and leave you naked and nude: and they ascend a congregation against you and stone you with stones and section you with their swords: and they burn your houses with fire and work judgments on you in the eyes of many women: and I shabbathize you from whoring and that you give a payoff no more. Thus I rest my fury toward you; and turn my jealousy from you: and I rest, and vex no more.”

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