Restricted Movements

Throughout history, political underdogs with momentum always seem to prevail over the aggressor, only to be hijacked by the powers-that-be, thereby becoming the very aggressor originally opposed.

“There is nothing more common in history than for oppressed people to rise up against their masters and, at great cost in treasure and blood, throw off the old regime only to discover that they have replaced it with one that is just as bad or worse.  That is because it is easy to know what we dislike about a political system but not so easy to agree on what would be better. For most of history, it has been the habit of men to focus on personalities rather than principles.  They have thought that the problem was with the man who rules, not with the system that sustains him. So, they merely replace one despot for another, thinking that, somehow, the new one will be more wise and benevolent.  Even if the new ruler has good intentions, he may be corrupted by the temptations of power; and, in those rare cases where he is not, he eventually is replaced by another who is not as self-restrained.  As long as the system allows it, it is just a matter of time before a new despot will rise to power. To prevent that from happening, it is necessary to focus on the system itself, not on personalities.  To do that, it is just as important to know what we are for as it is to know what we are against.” G. Edward Griffin, The Future is Calling, p. 38.

Why does this pattern in history repeat itself?

Well, many researchers make the case with strong evidence (and I tend to agree, though often with less sensationalism) that certain bloodlines and financial dynasties work behind-the-scenes to orchestrate these transfers of power.  It is a feat accomplished, in part, by the process of economic and political infiltration — once momentum for a popular movement becomes difficult to stop, the powers-that-be change strategies – from resistance to infiltration.  Much of this can be accomplished by infusing money and political power into the right places (the identifiable power centers in the movement), so that corruption flows naturally to the gears of change in society.  Here are just a few illustrative examples:

(1)The message of the biblical messiah was hijacked and monopolized by the self-proclaimed “Holy Roman Catholic Church.”  The infiltration was solidified by the Roman Empire (with effective culmination at some point around the time Emperor Constantine claimed to have converted to Christianity, since by then there were many “Christian” sects throughout Rome).  To make a long story short, the Church claimed to have exclusive authority over the bible and religious doctrine, and even to the present day, this corruption of Christianity has resulted in countless holy wars and atrocities across the globe, the hoarding of vast wealth for elite purposes, and the promotion of religious ritual above compassion and spirituality.  Not surprisingly, original translations of the message of the messiah warn against this course taken by the Roman Catholic Church, and like organizations who act as wolves in sheep’s clothing.

(2)And what happened to the message of “liberty” (republic) championed by slave-holding “patriots” during the American revolution of 1776?  That message was hijacked and monopolized by American law and business (media included eventually) on behalf of the elite – primarily via false promises of economic stability and peace.  The result has been the domination of America by the ‘banksters’ and evolving military-industrial complex (which incidentally is more accurately labeled, the military-industrial-economic-political complex).

(3)There was even a time only a few decades ago that the message of the environmental movement threatened the military-industrial complex.  But today, the environmental movement too has been overtly hijacked, by the ruling breed of international collectivists dictating complex laws to subjugate the people under a new world order.  Read the laws.  They are anti-environment and pro-elite in many essential ways, despite being championed as ‘green,’ such as the cap & trade currency system.  Just to illustrate the hypocrisy, modern militaries will be exempt from cap & trade because the purpose is not to protect the environment.  The purpose is to control the population under a one-world government.  Care to guess who will run this new global government?

Today it seems the only political movement with any real potential to unseat the global-eco-monopoly movement is the organic liberty movement (individual rights + justice + sustainable living = organic liberty movement).  Unfortunately, I fear this political transition would only follow after another world war (with modern-weaponry), so I don’t see how the new movement would avoid repeating history…  it has a fatal weakness that plays directly into the hands of the powers-that-be: lack of clean natural resources to accomplish something meaningful with liberty.  In other words, the liberty movement would be impotent. Perhaps it is ironic even that left in the wake of the “environmental movement” (run by the elites) there is likely to be a wasteland of chaos.  I suppose if things are circular, the elite powers that operate the Roman Catholic Church and City States from behind-the-scenes will unseat whatever movement is in power, offering a new religion (hybrid of occult and science?) to bring order out of chaos.  Aliens should be publicly involved at this point as well according to my research.  And this last movement (the new religion) would then be laid to rest by the return of the messiah, as prophesied.  My research further shows it is not unrealistic for all (or some) of this to happen in the next ten years. 

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