Mathematics in the Book of Revelation


The Book of Revelation has proven intellectually stimulating for countless mathematicians throughout history, with Isaac Newton being one of the most famous. Newton devoted a very large portion of his career to its study.  Mathematicians gravitate toward Revelation because the book is filled with mathematical mystery — much more than just the infamous 666 mystery.  Incidentally, I used a computer algorithm to test millions of names and titles, and here are the results (focusing on Caesar) showing there are countless names & titles that add up to 666, so you need wisdom to discern:



Revelation Is A Space-Time Code

Here is a sword and shepherd’s staff that appears on the face of the earth when you draw a straight line beginning at the Temple Mount and in sequence through each of the 7 assemblies named in Revelation (use the literal text, not a translation), and when miles are converted to years (1 mile = 1 year), the image tracks world-changing events in history!



Spatial distances on the face of the earth (i.e., between Laodicea and Babylon) and timelines we calculate in history, are surface (area) representations that appear to be encoded like riddles in the Book of Revelation.


Important research is suggesting that in the bigger picture, the entire Book of Revelation is mathematical and physical as it testifies to the spiritual.  Just as a hexagon is the shadow of a cube (from the perspective of one looking from its corner), a cube can represent the shadow of a 4-dimensional hypercube.




The Number 1,260 – A Clock and A Quantum Electrodynamic Application

The number 1260 stated in Revelation 12:6 (literally: “one thousand and two hundred and sixty”) can be represented as a clock comprised of the numbers 1000 + 200 + 60.


First, notice that we can plot an equilateral triangle in the exact places of our image above (with the head of the clock at 6:00, and the other two points at 10:00 and 2:00). An equilateral triangle so positioned inside a circle (clock) demonstrates uniform 60-degree angles, and the phi relationship between AG and AB.


In the Revelation 12 clock, we also map four o’clock and eight o’clock to describe the dragon’s part because: the dragon’s tail drags 1/3 of the stars of the heaven to the earth. 1/3 of 12 = 4.  4 o’clock.  And so the remaining stars in heaven are 2/3.  2/3 of 12 = 8.  8 o’clock.


John 11:9, “Are there not 12 hours in a day?”  If you were to look down upon the Revelation 12 woman from the heavens of the heavens, the first thing you would see is the 12 star clock/crown upon her head, then the sun covering the woman, then the moon beneath her. It’s pretty much a spiral (think golden ratio, phi), the surface of which (to our immediate perspective) would be a standard clock (12 stars = 12 hours in a day).




The idea of a flat surface (2-d) clock is a simplification, but a useful one indeed. In some sense it is really just a starting point or springboard into the topic of a charge rotating through a torus over time. If the charge/energy is following a phi frequency in its spiral movement around the torus, then you might say that “clockwise” motion means the torus is rotating “outward,” and “counterclockwise” means the torus is rotating “inward.” And yet that too would be a simplification for the sake of perspective.


Certain physicists and others have posited that the shape of the physical universe is a spherical dodecahedron, comprised of a core pattern: two pentagons nested on one another — one of them is upside down, and the other is right side up.

The Revelation 12 clock above is actually also composed of these same two shapes once we bend/curve them onto the surface of a torus: two pentagons nested on one another in the form of two clocks pointing at the numbers: 12, 10, 2, 8, 4 (up/inward clock) and 6, 10, 2, 8, 4 (down/outward clock).


The next application I found for the Revelation 12 clock is in the path of the arrows shown in Feynman diagrams for traveling light. The results are interesting… but allow me to first explain the background/parameters of the experiment:

feynmanFirst, assume that the words in the Book of Revelation are light – they travel as light does. It should not be difficult for many of us to think this way, right?  Okay, so we’re going to examine the number 1,260 in Revelation 12:5 as if it were literally made of light, and that number is actually stated in the literal biblical text as a string of three separate numbers: one thousand, two hundred, and sixty.  Second, just like physicist Richard Feynman did in his QED lectures, we’re going to create a stopwatch with a single hand that rotates incredibly fast to track light (photons) in motion. We’re going to set our stopwatch to make a full rotation at a frequency of 60 units (imagine the stopwatch makes a full rotation of 360 degrees every 60 seconds, if that helps you visualize). Third, we’re going to map each of our three numbers (1000 + 200 + 60) by drawing arrows that represent two complimentary measurements: (a) the direction of the arrow = where the stopwatch hand is pointing (or the mirror image of it) at the conclusion of its rotation for that number, and (b) the length of the arrow = the time that elapsed for the photon/word to complete its rotation. Fourth, we combine the arrows to display a probability function as the square of a line from the beginning of the first arrow to the head of the last arrow.

QED Example 1: Frequency of 60

pa-12601000 – At our frequency of 60, the number 1000 makes 16.66 rotations (arrow length) on the stopwatch before coming to completion in the spot that points at 8:00 on the stopwatch (arrow direction).
200 – At our frequency of 60, the number 200 makes 3.33 rotations (arrow length) on the stopwatch before coming to completion in the spot that points at 4:00 on the stopwatch (arrow direction).
60 – This one is as straightforward as it gets. At a frequency of 60, the number 60 makes 1 rotation (arrow length) on the stopwatch before coming to completion in the same spot it began, 12:00 (arrow direction).

Notice the visual for how this would look (8:00, 4:00, 12:00): the black arrows are the three numbers, and the blue line connects the beginning of the first arrow with the end of the last arrow (to then provide a measurement (red dotted lines) for squaring the blue line to provide a probability amplitude). For this illustration, I didn’t calculate the probability amplitude — I’m not sure how/why that is relevant yet (still brainstorming here).

Conclusion: It is interesting that we confirmed the same three numbers on the clock that were originally highlighted above in our Revelation 12 clock: 8:00, 4:00, and 12:00. And if we are taking the mirror image of these directions (as Feynman does, where the light is not reflecting off a back surface), then the results are 2:00, 10:00, and 6:00. These also work for our clock above. What are the odds?!

QED Example 2: Frequency of 60 for both 1260 and 690

Now that we’ve seen that this QED technique seems to have synchronistic utility in measuring the number 1260 in the Book of Revelation, perhaps we can use it to test my theory that the number 690 is the answer to the riddle in Revelation 12:14, “time, times, and the dividing of time”. As I highlighted earlier, the 690 answer begins with simple arithmetic:

60: time
60 x 10: times
60 / 2: half a time
= 690

I find this to be logical and also supported by a timeline of Israel dating back to the Messiah’s birth, as I described in my 690 post.

So, now we’re going to apply these QED techniques to the numbers 1,260 and 690 together over the frequency of 60. The result is going to be images of a peace sign and an hourglass. Pretty neat, right? (side note: I’m sure there is going to be some negative history or weirdness around the peace sign too in our world, so allow me to emphasize that the peace sign is not the greater point here.) These symbols together seem like they could be significant as a useful trail marker for this line of research perhaps, because the woman in Revelation 12 is described as finding peace/refuge (peace sign?) in the wilderness for a limited time (hour glass?)…

1000 – Same calculations from above
200 – Same calculations from above
60 – Same calculations from above
600 – At our frequency of 60, the number 600 makes 10 rotations (arrow length) on the stopwatch before coming to completion in the spot that points at 12:00 on the stopwatch (arrow direction).
60 – Same calculations from above
30 – At our frequency of 60, the number 30 makes only one half rotation (arrow length) on the stopwatch before coming to completion in the spot that points at 6:00 on the stopwatch (arrow direction).

Here is a visual for how this would look (8:00, 4:00, 12:00, 12:00, 12:00, 6:00) — on the face of a clock, it looks like a peace sign, and using the QED arrow technique, it maps out like an hourglass:




Some other cool codes I’ve found are that the gematria value of the golden rule (618) = the golden number (618).


And the electromagnetic and gravitational coupling constants appear to be encoded in Matthew 9:1-7 when Yahshua heals a paralytic.


There is also an important logical corollary – this phrase “being cast upon a bed” is the logical phrase one would look toward in order to exemplify the coupling constants, because that human condition (being cast upon a bed) was the coupling that was plaguing the paralytic. He was coupled to the bed.  When Yahshua healed him with the phrase in Matthew 9:6, Yahshua gave him a new coupling constant that properly had the 1 in place at the head (1.7518) and so the man was therefore made complete/whole numerically.

Also, the fundamental coupling constants in physics show the interaction between vessels (bodies) and light (photons), such as for example how 1/137 refers to the likelihood of an electron absorbing a single photon. This passage about the paralytic discussed here (at the beginning of Matthew 9) comes after the conclusion of Matthew 8, which is a chapter about bodies/vessels being cleaned by Yahshua using the light of the word given to him by YHVH.



The power and meaning of the biblical messiah’s story and identity is mysterious to me, and so I find it logical when Yahshua invites us to be humble like children in order to enter into the reign of the heavens.  Matthew 18:1-7.  He also invited us to be students of his teaching, and brethren amongst one another. Matthew 23:8-10.

We are told in the gospel that the Messiah is the anointed son (see e.g., John 1:34, 10:36, 17:3). This is confirmed again in the Book of Revelation as we read for example Rev 1:4-6, “John, to the seven churches that in Asia: Grace to you and peace from him who is and was and comes and from the seven spirits that are before his throne and from Yahshua messiah, the faithful witness, the firstborn of the dead and the ruler of the kings of the earth, who loved us and released us from our sins by his blood and made us a priestly kingdom to Alha, even his Father.”

Olam is the Hebrew word often used to describe something beyond our intellectual spacetime horizon as humans, and it reminds me of the difficulty of trying to calculate the ultimate value of numbers like e (natural number).  We know this number (2.71828…) is relevant and constructive in our natural world, even beautiful in its problem solving, and yet our ancestors dubbed it ‘irrational’ (not as a derogatory term, but rather just because it transcended a traditional ‘preference’ for integers).  This is but one example of an historical misnomer in language that is corrected by math and physics.  Or in other words, there are just some things we can’t really appreciate with depth without first calculating and physically representing them in the multidimensional world.  Indeed, by seeing them only through modern language we also run the risk of misinterpreting even their surface value!

As highlighted above, spatial distances on the face of the earth and timelines we calculate in history are surface (area) representations that appear to be encoded within the Book of Revelation.  In our computer era it is now possible to display the evidence that the deeper and more thoroughly we calculate and cross-reference the relevant spatial distances and relevant timelines (i.e., by mapping out the color wheel of the torus, by characterizing the wavelengths of the aleph bet), the more we will find testimony to the mathematics of spacetime (i.e., phi, pi, e) and the very structure of our universe (ie., chemistry, biology, geometry, astronomy, quantum mechanics, conceptual ethics) embedded throughout the Book of Revelation.




Revelation 11:1-2, “And was given to me a reed like a rod and stood the angel and said Rise up and measure the temple of Elohim [Alaha] and the altar and those who worship in it and the court within the temple leave out and not do measure it because it is given to the gentiles and the city holy they will trample down months forty and two”.

Revelation 12 is a key chapter providing evidence of mathematical and physical mysteries.  Moreover, the concept of Revelation 12 as being ‘one chapter’ is kind of a misnomer itself, as we find that physics and math help explain its meaning in conjunction with Revelation 11, 13, 14, etc.  Mystery is promised to the servants of Elohim (e.g., Rev. 10:7, Daniel 12), along with law to judge all of us.  And thank goodness for the whole justice that is done, and the whole meaning and the beauty that is declared and enforced.






Now, there are countless self-proclaimed “teachers” and “chosen ones” out there right now who are wielding mere pieces of mysteries in the form of ‘sacred geometry’ and ‘secret society’ teachings.  Are these individuals not trying to hack their way into the cosmos (like the scientists tinkering at CERN) and the mind of man without first establishing a guaranteed plan to declare and enforce beauty and justice in their experiments and the immediate and ripple effects of those experiments?   Come what may with aliens and demons, the inhabitants of the earth in this generation may claim that you too can wield your own ‘self-manifesting intuitive power’ to create “happiness” and “love”, or perhaps they will ask you to serve them (in order to share in their power), or invite you to change your DNA.

One of the recurring themes I’ve found in the writings of occultists is the claim that Yahweh wants to steal your power – their evidence is often just the testimony of ancient tablet writers (i.e., Ugarites or Sumerians) who worshipped ‘star gods’ and dead ancestors, etc.  You will know them by their fruits.  Moreover, it is written in Revelation 13:14 that people will be seduced by signs performed by the beast (of the land) at the end of the tribulation age.  Learn about the relationship between signs and faith/trust in John chapter 6.  Learn about YHVH in the Book of Job.

And you can observe for yourself in the world today that when a person genuinely seeks to follow the example of the biblical messiah (Yahshua), that person basically strives to be honest, to help and love other people, and to promote law & order. Obviously, a genuine Christian doesn’t advocate (as some occult researchers claim) the slave trade for alien gold mining operations! Nor did the biblical messiah do things like sacrifice animals or promote slavery or promote gold mining. Rather, he healed people, he freed the animals from their cages (thereby preventing sacrifice), and he counseled people to share with one another and work for spiritual rewards rather than for earthly gold (see e.g., Matthew 6:19, Rev. 3:18).

Now compare the large priesthoods of history and today (especially in the top echelons of the Catholic hierarchy) that promote holy wars and who hoard gold. Despite the very direct evidence of faux-religion compared to the genuine spirituality and honesty and goodwill of those who seek to abide in the words given by the messiah, many occult researchers will continue to offer claims that the “god of the bible” wants to steal your power. Don’t fall for it! The ancient alien aspect of these claims is made by researchers that have usually only one source – inaccurate translations of tablet records of very ancient people like the Sumerians or Ugarites (cultures centered upon occultism and sacrifices) compiled by men like Zacharia Sitchin and repeated endlessly in flashy cover paperbacks.

I think mankind has been and is destined to experience a saga of good and evil, which is created by YHVH (Eloha (hebrew); Alha (aramaic)). Try to write any interesting story, or produce any epic film, or tell any funny joke, or raise any healthy child without an appreciation of contrast.   YHVH sets both good and evil on their course. Isaiah 45:5-7.  See also, Ezekiel 14:9, 1 Kings 22:19-23, 2 Chronicles 18:18-22, Job 12:24, Isaiah 44:24-25.

I’ve found we can’t genuinely understand the good (ie., light is evidence) without contrasting the evil (ie., dark is evidence). The Revelation 12 clock I’ve been writing about (with its allegory between the special woman and the fierce dragon) embody that reasoning.  Even the dragon can wield a tetrahedron, so we shouldn’t be persuaded by signs alone…  but rather we are best served by first searching out virtue (honesty, fairness, natural abundance, justice, beauty). I like the idea that we can strive to gravitate to those virtues without harming them or trying to claim them as our own.  That which serves destruction, is destruction.  That which serves life, is life.  Sounds logical to me.

Indeed we must watch our steps.  A common theme I’ve found among self-described ‘teachers’ on earth who are trying to hack it the name of serving or resisting dragons is the submission to lawlessness and the rejection of the testimony of Yahshua.  To find the testimony of Yahshua, I think we need ears to hear and eyes to see beyond the commentaries that have invaded priestly ‘Christianity’ and ‘Judaism’ and other religions.  Today there is a ‘new age’ teaching too that comes from the bowels of the self-proclaimed ‘spiritual hierarchy’ that is centered upon self-exalting energy manifestation.  One doesn’t need to practice their rituals to see they are preaching repackaged Babylonian doctrines.

Reading the bible in the oldest and most literal manner I am able, I think I see the biblical messiah exposed a great deal of the conventional religious teachings of his day as he directly admonished the Pharisees.  And, it is written that he ejected demons from quite a few humans as well.

Personally, I feel that I am inherently an intellectual novice and spiritual novice by virtue of human limitations, so I logically am interested in finding an enlightened teacher to help me use power effectively and safely.  I can’t emphasize this enough – humans need harmony, law, and order.  The teachings of the biblical messiah, as read literally in the ancient language, provide that harmony, law, and order in my opinion.  I’m not saying that extra-biblical learning is bad, or that meditation is bad, or that thinking outside the box is bad, or anything like that.  Rather, I’m saying it is illogical to throw away the gift of a moral desire to be a law-abiding and honorable person who keeps his/her vices in check.  Likewise, it is logical to be cautiously aware of rituals that try to harness human energy to feed our vices or the vices of others.

Why be humble?  Read the Book of Job.  I can’t create beautiful galaxies and peaceful rivers for my fellow humans to appreciate like a clock without the danger of inadvertently causing chaos.  Nor can I create a Leviathan on the same torus clock and keep it in check (tick, tock).  My experience is that it is hard enough managing my organic ranch productively on earth and keeping the predators in check!


I think the biblical messiah is the anointed teacher for our age.  Learn from Matthew chapter 7 regarding what is expected of us.  As for the next age, the millennial age, I expect it will be a time of great insight into the physical and mathematical mysteries in the Book of Revelation.  And then at the end of the millennial age, there is a final great test before YHVH provides a new earth with a new cube inside. (Rev. 21:1-7).

In the end of this world, my hope is that justice will be done, truths will be revealed through a fantastically interesting saga, and love and peace will be celebrated in a great triumph over evil.  I feel these were promised by the biblical messiah, and appreciating that hope in the heart might be likened to the beginning of bliss on earth.  (John 17:3).

Further reading on bible math:

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