Humane Treatment of Animals

The humane treatment of animals is a moral issue for humanity.

You need to know and tell your friends and family that you know what goes on at a CAFO…

Fortunately, there are still enough real farmers out there who treat animals properly and offer humane options in certain supermarkets, like Whole Foods.  However, even Whole Foods is wrought with problems as it sells products from companies like Horizon/Dean Foods.  See,

Realistically, here are the best options:

– Organic grass-fed beef from cows free to roam (

– Organic cage free chicken, eggs, and turkey  (not all that is free-range is humane).  See:

– Organic dairy from pasture animals (i.e., Clover Organic, Strauss). Here is a helpful site to review dairy options:

           – Organic, local, small family-farm products:

           – Organic, raw wildflower honey

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