This post is written especially for restless Americans who wish to take back the Republic.

First, let’s drop the nostalgia. It’s debatable whether there ever really was a fair Republic on this land (either with Americans or native Indians), or even a mildly simpler time – free of oppression, ignorance and corruption.  And as for the entire world, historical records show that even back to the days of the Pharaoh, power has been jealously wielded by elite forces chasing occult-like goals.

Second, the new world order that commands the military-industrial complex in this country can very likely eradicate any given “patriot” group’s armed rebellion, and at this stage the United States military would be seen as justified in the eyes of the mainstream populace in doing so, especially as the media shows images of crazy-looking men with assault rifles shooting at local cops.  As researcher Gerald Celente said recently (and I’ll paraphrase),  it is moral corruption of both the mainstream populace and the elite that is actually at the heart of the downfall of America.  In this manner, unethical behavior can be seen across all classes – from the Wall Street insiders robbing financial institutions, to the local thugs robbing bank branches, to the populace robbing the community of sustainability by making toxic choices in personal and business affairs.  This lack of civility and ethics is the source of the problem that an AK-47 simply will not remedy.

Third, the elite controllers of society are logically more afraid of the things that the messiah advocated – civility, kindness, education, compassion, sharing, helping, and so forth.  These things give moral legitimacy to a free society, and definitively combat corruption.  Compare a wild-eyed, self-proclaimed “patriot” spraying bullets and sitting on 50lbs of Mountain House factory farm animal powder.  I suspect that such a man is primarily a threat to himself and local bureaucrats, and actually helps give legitimacy to the elite-controlled new world order, at least in the eyes of the scared populace.  With that said, by adhering to the golden rule I think there is a civil and reasonable way to maintain a firearm and keep emergency supplies to protect your family.

In conclusion, the ultimate way to save oneself and promote legitimate governance is to diligently follow the example of the messiah.

Here is an excerpt from the Book of Isaiah at Chapter 2, verse 4 regarding the second coming of the messiah:

    And he shall judge among the nations,

     and shall reprove many people:

     and they shall forge their swords into plowshares,

     and their spears into psalmpicks:

     nation shall not lift up sword against nation,

     neither shall they learn war any more.

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