Chasing Rainbows and Running From Bullets

Of all the choices we make in life, here is the mindset that may be at the essential root of decision-making: “Do I genuinely and humbly desire to love others through radically peaceful and natural actions?”

To answer this question, here are two key points: #1: lips don’t desire, hearts do. And #2: taking radical risks, even with your own life and the continuity of your nation, is necessary to radical peace.

One lesson I gather from the gospel is that radically peaceful actions cause radical effects – they invite entire societies to accept radically peaceful mindsets.  And it is radical peace that serves organic communities and loving families, not wars and conflicts and debts and anger and pollution-based economy.

And yet radically peaceful actions seem so offensive to us whenever our “way of life” is threatened because, key point: we are trying illogically to preserve our violent selves.  Violence in response to violence = ever spiraling violence.  And we hide our violent ways like yeast in a loaf of bread. Here are some examples: (1) We support charities that actually cause great harm (such as the Red Cross, which is a drug-pushing arm of the military-industrial complex masquerading as a humanitarian organization; and Meals on Wheels, which specializes in delivering cheap tortured animal products and chemical/GMO/pesticide/etc food to seniors), (2) We “support the troops” but claim we are against the war and DU and torture, (3) We support our local church even though it pushes its own doctrines as the “word of God”…

Here’s a difficult quiz:

A man owes you money but he cannot pay…
A. You forgive the debt and pray for him
B. You write a letter asking for the money and then when he can’t pay, you hire a lawyer and sue
C. You threaten him with violence and then take something of his

A police officer wrongfully batons your nose during a protest…
A. You forgive the officer and pray for him
B. You sue the government
C. You break his nose

A homeless man is starving…
a. You find a way to give him organic food, or money and the information to buy organic food. You pray for him.
b. You deliver him with (or to) tortured animal food or chemical/GMO/pesticide/etc food
c. You have him taken away for loitering

10,000 Somali citizens are starving…
A. You carefully research a way to deliver support to an organization helping the Somali people achieve self-sufficient organic homesteads, and then you act passionately toward achieving this goal
B. You donate to a garden-variety charity and otherwise vote with your TV remote, dollars, and ballot box to support NATO efforts to intervene militarily while the IMF restructures the country’s debt and the World Bank perpetuates dependence on chemical-based foreign agriculture and western drug medicine
C. You actively help the military-industrial complex invade the country because it is a convenient time to take their resources

The mainstream news report says that scientists confirm ‘global warming’ threatens the planet…
A. You independently research whether this is correct, find lots of credible evidence about the dangers of air pollution but you also realize most global warming reports about CO2 are propaganda used by the military-industrial-political complex to promote false and oppressive ‘solutions’ like Agenda 21 and carbon-credit trading schemes.  But because air pollution itself is not propaganda, you take steps to radically reduce the pollution and unproductive energy use in your life.
B. You vote for politicians who support nuclear power as a “safer” alternative to coal
C. You agree with your friends over wine that the world is overpopulated and then the next day you go back to work within the military-industrial complex to create products that slowly kill people

A man approaches you on street with a gun and asks for all your money…
A. As you give him money you tell him that it is a gift and that you will pray for his salvation.
B. You report the assault to the authorities to ensure he is arrested and confined in prison for several years
C. You seize the gun and end his life.

An army, many of whom are pillaging rapists, invades the United States…
A. You take shelter to protect your family with pacifism. You bake organic bread and give it to the invaders, but also petition for peace and freedom.
B. You fight to the death in defense of your own army, many of whom have also been pillaging rapists in other countries
C. You let the nukes fly

A crazy man murders someone you love and is taking steps to find his next victim…
A. You detain the man, and deliver him to the custody of authorities, and you petition the authorities to rehabilitate the man in a secure but organic landscape that is free of cages/cells and prison culture.  When the authorities ignore your request, you visit the man in prison and do your best to bring him organic comfort.
B. You deliver him to authorities and take solace in his misery
C. You actively find and torture the man

Some preacher tells you that if you die without having confessed that Jesus is your savior, then you are likely to suffer eternity in hell…
a. You research the literal words of the oldest gospel you can find and discover the preacher’s claim is false, which your logic also confirms. So you take heed of the literal-words in the gospel, and different possible interpretations as well, even humbly accepting the natural difficulties of drawing ultimate conclusions, and then you share your experience with others that you found the doctrine of ‘eternal hell’ to be a false one.
b. You join the preacher’s little religious cult, which is part of ever larger cults, and help spread their/your message of fear and hate
c. You actively become a satanist.

I expect that many who have read the above have already jumped to conclusions and feel I am naive to suggest that answer A is always correct as ‘radically peaceful’, answer B is mainstream, and answer C represents a kind of sinister new world order initiate.  I don’t submit that answer A is always correct in the world, or that the world is as simple as A-B-C, but rather that answer A helps illustrate a radical mindset that would theoretically change the world, or at least change your world if you practiced it.  Whether answer A is morally defensible in any given situation, to me depends on the question of whether it is wise (or a well-calculated risk) to trust that the messiah of the bible invited pacifism, and that YHVH will ultimately do justice for us all.

And I hear the world calling for change, though most of that dialogue is just lip service. Key point: Our lips lie, but our hearts record the violent intentions of the self.  So, if you wish to be forgiven for your own violent heart, then you need to learn to forgive others.  And you’ll know whether you have a forgiving heart because your actions will show love.  If you want to experience radical peace, then be radically peaceful even in the face of radical violence.  If you want to experience a beautifully clean environment, then take actions to radically clean the environment and produce only organic biodegradable waste.  Why do I feel this is correct?  Because I think it follows logically from the gospel, generally.  Identifying who is the aggressor and who is the victim is not always easy either – sometimes we operate together.

As a hypocrite, I have major reservations about writing blog posts like this one.  But I suppose this post seems logically correct to me, so I’m publishing it.  I don’t mean to suggest that I am actually self-righteous in my words here or actions on earth.  Perhaps like the rainbow on the horizon, this is something beautiful to walk toward rather than something we realistically think we’ll touch.  And yet, we do touch rainbows when light interfaces with the brain.

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