Judeo-Christian Foundations for Law and Science. Believe it or not: paradoxes as God’s creative forces.

Read the Full Paper Here Read February 2022 Supplement Here Key Points: Paradoxes create. Yahweh uses paradoxes to create reality. Therefore, to understand reality, we learn to recognize key paradoxes. All and nothing. The biblical Hebrew word l’ means both “God” and “nothing”. Paradoxically, Yahweh Himself is simultaneously ‘the all’ and ‘the nothing’, which is […]

Tribal Conflict or Harmony? Original Aramaic reveals harmony in Mark 13:30

Click here for full article Summary/Excerpt: In the year 1960, author C.S. Lewis wrote infamously regarding Mark 13:30, “It is certainly the most embarrassing verse in the bible.”  C.S. Lewis, “The World’s Last Night” (1960). Lewis wrote this because Mark 13:30 is commonly translated (from the Greek) as a potentially unfulfilled prophecy, “Amen, I say […]

Perspectives on Alhym (Elohim) Historically and Today

A.     Introduction         The biblical word translated “God” is actually written in the original Hebrew as: ALHA (singular) or Alhym (conjugated).  In modern Hebrew, this has become ‘Elohim’, ‘Eloha’, and so forth.  There is much to say here — for example, Alhym can also be a quality, “godly”.  See e.g. the comparison in Daniel 4:8 between […]