A Mystery Revealed: The Gospel of Mark tracks the 7 Churches in the Book of Revelation


This bible study paper is for students and scholars with patience, and yet ultimately, expect to have some fun!

It is a new discovery in bible harmony studies, a mystery revealed.  The mystery is that the Aramaic Gospel of Mark is synchronized with the Aramaic Book of Revelation, thereby providing a chronology!  The two books fit like puzzle pieces together, as in this example: Revelation 3:18 refers to eye salve while concurrently in Mark 8:18-23 Yahshua makes an eye salve to heal a blind man.

You’ll learn here in this paper the precise sequential symbolism of each Chapter of Mark: the beginning of the Messiah’s ministry in Israel (Mark Chapter 1), the 2,000-year progression of Christianity through all 7 churches in Revelation (Mark Chapter 2 = Ephesus; Mark Chapter 3 = Smyrna… Mark Chapter 8 = Laodicea), the Millennial reign (Mark Chapters 9 and 16), the new world to come (Mark Chapter 10), and other synchronicities.

Once you observe and track this mystery in sequence, many of the corollaries will become obvious to you where the timelines of both books sync-up:

Please note: all of my findings in this paper (and I suppose in life) are a work in progress and it is unknown how many errors I’ve made or how incomplete my work is.  My hope is that this study builds a structure that future bible students will repair and expand with their own insights and corrections.

Now, if you the reader try to sincerely appreciate this mystery with a bible translation or without patience, it will be difficult for you.  But if you can patiently … ܡܣܝܒܪܢܘܬܐ …  ܢܓܝܪܘܬܐ… read the Aramaic original texts, you can see it straight, including those parts of the mystery that are conveyed through wordplay (i.e., Revelation 3:18 ܡܢ ܢܘܪܐ  (“from fire”) is a wordplay for ܡܢܪܐ  (“lampstands”)).

Of course, if a student just reads any one example or even one chapter in isolation, the entire mystery will remain a mystery — any synchronicity by itself can be dismissed as a coincidence (just like in life).  But when you add them all up together, who will convince a faithful man that this gospel harmony is really just a coincidence? Through faith, know this:

ܢܩܦܬܐ ܡܠܬܐ

Many Christians have come to know the Father in this way — through subtle & personal synchronicities — so this is a way to build on that fun experience with these two books.  Indeed, wordplays are letter conjunctions, and they are meant to be fun! — conjunctions are insightful about the playful character of the Father – conjunctions of words, conjunctions of people, nations, planets, stars…  I think everything is connected in some way, and naturally the strength of any given connection varies; so I suppose the question is what we focus upon in our desire to grow toward ܐܠܗܐ

ܫܡܥ ܐܝܣܪܝܠ ܡܪܝܐ ܐܠܗܢ ܡܪܝܐ ܚܕ ܗܘ

For starters, if you put in the effort and start by reading Mark 1 – 9 side by side with Revelation 1-3 according to this timeline, you’ll see this discovery can help inform your prophecy studies, by relying on the Gospel of Mark as a special kind of focusing lens to interpret Revelation.  In particular, Mark 9 is very insightful (and surprising) about the role of scribes and the relative peace during the millennial reign.

Or more immediately, the hungry crowds in the wilderness in Mark 8 (a sign for us now in the Laodicea church era) may give us second-thoughts about our own food stability…

I think the Father gives me insights and synchronicities like these because of my faith — I know and proclaim that He is יהוה.

Someday, I trust these seeds will grow…

Right now this world is covered in some serious darkness and the Laodicea church is poor and sick and naked — tribulation is ongoing, and that is why I think a door is open.  Standing before the walls of Jerusalem, Yahshua’s cross — that terrible instrument of death for enemies of the Roman state — is a symbol for the door.  I trust ܝܫܘܥ  will return soon, at the appointed time.  On some level, if we’re blessed, He is here now in our hearts, at this very moment.

I hope this revealed synchronization of Mark & Revelation will eventually produce fruit in the daylight of the future millennial reign, possibly sooner – providing new insights for the faithful who enjoy reading these books together: the Gospel of Mark and the Book of Revelation.

For evidence of synchronicity, below are my study notes with some of the highlights in support.  Keep in mind these notes are written as exploratory notes rather than fixed conclusions.  The fun is in the studying!  Indeed, this analysis of Mark & Revelation is naturally a work in progress, for when you read the texts in depth, you can find innumerable potential connections and synchronicities.

The Father gives us tools to interpret the Book of Revelation.  The Gospel of Mark is one of those tools.  The sword & shepherd’s staff timecode is another tool.  I think the way we use any tool is in direction proportion to the way we practice the greatest commandment, to love Alha with everything we have:

ܫܡܥ ܐܝܣܪܝܠ ܡܪܝܐ ܐܠܗܢ ܡܪܝܐ ܚܕ ܗܘ ܘܕܬܪܚܡ ܠܡܪܝܐ ܐܠܗܟ ܡܢ ܟܠܗ ܠܒܟ ܘܡܢ ܟܠܗ ܢܦܫܟ ܘܡܢ ܟܠܗ ܪܥܝܢܟ ܘܡܢ ܟܠܗ ܚܝܠܟ

I encourage other Aramaic students and scholars to share their thoughts and insights…

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