666 – Calculating A Roman Beast Theory

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With the assistance of a computer algorithm, I analyzed millions of possible 666 combinations in the Roman context.  This Revelation 13:18 research paper is the product of that analysis.  Enjoy with coffee…


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  1. Kryon, in his book on DNA states that 666 is the numerology of the first three groups of DNA. Humans have 12 strands of DNA which are multi-dimensional.

  2. First of all I want to express my utmost admiration and respect for your work. I’ve always thought that Biblical studies and science must be hand in hand for science is only proving Bible right instead of the opposite which is what most non-believers or even some believers tend to believe. While I’m not one to understand maths, physics and all the practical science I do however love reading about them especially how they are presented and used in the Bible itself. I also respect your non-denominational approach in your studies, it makes you more trustworthy in your conclusions especially since you tend to avoid any and all kinds of pseudo-teachings, heresies and cult-like obsessions that the world is full of today. I love your articles and I use your scientific approach to further study and even verify several of my Bible studies as well. My only suggestion or addition if you will, is that I want to note (based on personal experience and studies on the matter), that Orthodoxy cannot be held in the same ‘label’ as Papacy, protestantism and other denominations. Orthodoxy is the official continuation of the teachings of the Apostles and the verified Saints of the original Church. Orthodoxy is also called ‘Apostolic’ exactly because it’;s the continuation of practices, liturgies and teachings of the Apostles. It has absolutely no comparison or relation or similarity to man-made and used denominations such as the papal ‘church’ or all the later heresies and para-religious groups created as ‘branches’ from papacy or protestantism. The so called ‘idolatry’ that protestants often confuse and accuse both Orthodoxy and catholics of, is a completely misinterpretation of the practices and confusion of two very different situations. The ‘Holy Icons’ or ‘Agiographies’ have nothing to do with the ‘idols’ or the worshipping of them by the catholic papal church, nor does Orthodoxy preach worshipping of people, idols, or objects in general. The practice of ‘honoring’ the Icons and the honoring of Saints is entirely different in its symbolism and meaning in Orthodoxy from what it is in Catholics. Another addition I’d like to make is that if you study the interpretations of Orthodox ascets and Saints who had spent their entire life in humility, repentance and a life inspired by the Lord, you will see many similarities and ‘revelations’ of scientific truths that are very close to yours. In fact I can send you specific books such as books about the Biblical cosmology and anthropology as explained by various Saints and Ascets throughout the history of the Church till today. I’m not in any way trying to affect your work, just thought you might be interested in these info. Let me know if you are. May God be with all of us!

  3. That’s a wonderful finding! Glad you mentioned palms, we have this celebration in Orthodoxy called ‘Sunday of palms’ where we celebrate the day that Jesus entered the city on top of a donkey and the people there would throw palm leaves on the road to welcome him 🙂
    Another thing I forgot to mention, thought you might find it helpful, Orthodox interpretations of the Bible say that the term ‘harlots’ refers to the spiritual prostitution aka heresies, occult,etc.. and therefore the verse about the ‘mother of harlots’ is about the one heresy that bore/became the cause of, all the other harlots to come. So that would be the Papal heresy which became the leader/cause for all other heresies and cults to come.
    Sadly today we have a global phenomenon called ‘Ecumenism’ from the word ‘Oikoumenismos=refering to something spreading globally (oikoumeni-world), which is the effort of the Pope (as a leader behind it) to ‘unite’ and ‘concentrate’ all religions and dogmas under his foot.

    This ofc has been something the papal heresy has been doing particularily against Orthodoxy (trying to change/ make it succumb to the papal power) since the times of the Eastern Orthodox Empire, but today they try to do it even more intensly which is the reason why you see photos of Orthodox priests praying with (forbidden in Orthodoxy) Papal priests or even the Pope himself. Orthodoxy forbids any kind of ‘spiritual’ communication with heretics, not ofc out of pettyness but for the mere reason that such an act would imply acceptance of the heresy itself and its false doctrines. Those Orthodox priests are actually considered now as ‘traitors’ from Orthodoxy (not the official ‘hierarchy’ but the Orthodoxy itself as a faith), and the common Orthodox people who see them openly as ‘wolves’ in priestly clothing. Ecumenism seeks to buldoze through Orthodoxy as well as unite all kinds of religious expressions under ONE religious authority which obviously will be the Pope. Ofc for Orthodoxy itself, even if all its ‘hierarchy’ perishes, the faith itself never will and neither will its countless of martyrs, Saints and faithful people. So whatever the Papal ‘church’ says of being the ‘mother’ of all Christians, really has no importance for Orthodoxy..or any other Christian I would think.
    In my humble opinion there has never been a more dangerous and evil heresy than the Papal heresy.
    Thanks for your reply and input!

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